International Delivery

1. How do I track my orders?

After your order is processed, you will receive a confirmation email from us together with your parcel tracking reference number. 

For International destinations that are shipped from Malaysia, you can track your order at UPS Malaysia’s website as follows:

  • Go to : 
  • Select country ‘Malaysia’, and press   
  • Please enter your parcel tracking number (up to 25 numbers) in the given box.

  • Click ‘Track’ and the result will be displayed.

2. Is there a limit to the number of products I can buy from

Yes there will be limits placed on certain orders depending on the product quantity/value and the destination country. These limits are incorporated into the shopping page and are intended to fulfill our logistics requirements, to ensure the products are delivered to you with minimum difficulties.

3. Why can’t I find my country on the shipping list?

If your destination country is Singapore, Indonesia or China/Hong Kong/Macau, we have some great news for you! As we have branch offices in these countries, you can initiate the delivery from our branch office to your designated location. You can enjoy great savings on the shipping fee.

You need to choose your ‘Delivery Option’ on our page to start the order. Please click here to go to the relevant page.  

4. What are the international freight rates and delivery times?

In order to keep freight costs as low as possible and also to ensure that the parcels are not unnecessarily detained, taxed, or restricted at their destinations we have negotiated the best rates with our courier company. We will prepare the parcel(s) as best we can to minimize the delivery costs and risk. 

5. What happens if the international online shipments are detained by Customs and/or subject to duties and taxes?

Shoppers are responsible for all tax, customs, and duties chargeable for their international online purchases. The Company is not liable for, and will not refund any product withheld or kept in customs. The shopper is solely responsible for the compliance of postage, import, or relevant laws pertaining to the shopper’s purchase in the shopper’s country.