The Program Overview

Be a Smart Consumer

Choose the Right Product, Get the Right Rewards

As a smart consumer, you are assured of our high-quality products while benefitting from our exclusive Privileged Shopper Programme, which will enable you to enjoy more discounts on your purchases. 

Privileged Shopper Programme

You just need to sign up by a simple registration (free of charge) to enjoy a 15% discount on your purchases.

Upon registration as a Privileged Shopper (with purchase), you will be given an ID - for example, PSMY123456.

The ID is required for you to enjoy more privileges and to communicate with us. 

As a smart consumer, you will be enjoying our products as well as sharing such information with the people you care about so that they too can enjoy the same benefits.

When sharing with people you care about, you may forward to them your personal online store address - for example, (assume that PSMY123456 is your Privilege Shopper ID).

If they access the information and decide to purchase our products, you will enjoy a higher discount on your subsequent purchases!