Who is Privileged Shopper?

A Privileged Shopper is a special guest of ours who shops for great quality products whilst enjoying special discounts and Reward Points. 

Privileged Shoppers are also rewarded once they refer their friends to our Privileged Shoppers program.  

What are the benefits being a Privileged Shopper?

As a Privileged Shopper, you enjoy 15% off for all your purchases.

Apart from the discounts, a Privileged Shopper also enjoys Reward Points, which are generated from each purchase.

How it works

  • Privileged Shopper earns 1 Reward Point for every RM10 spent
  • Privileged Shopper uses Reward Points to redeem products
  • For product redemption, 1 Reward Point is equivalent to RM1, based on the Retail Price of the product

A Privileged Shopper also earns half of the Reward Points from the Privileged Shopper that he/she referred. For example, you are a Privileged Shopper, and you referred your friend, Anita to become a Privileged Shopper. 

Anita made a purchase worth RM100. Anita enjoys a 15% discount, and at the same time, she is rewarded with 8 Reward Points (Equivalent to RM8 after 10% discount). As an introducer, you are rewarded with half of the points, which is 4 Reward Points (equivalent to RM4).

Who can join as Privileged Shopper?

It is open to everyone who is at least 18 years old, upon registration.

Do I need to pay to join as a Privileged Shopper?

No, it is free of charge. 

Do I need to renew my membership?

No, you do not need to renew it as it has no expiry date. However, your membership account does have validity. As long as you have made at least 1 purchase within a 12-month period, your membership is active and you may enjoy the same privileges. 

Can one person own more than one Privileged Shopper membership?

No, each person is only allowed to own one Privileged Shopper membership.

How do I register as a Privileged Shopper?

You need to purchase something from us and fill in an electronic form before making payment. After registration and payment, you will be given a Privileged Shopper ID by the system. Please record down your ID.

You will also receive an email to confirm your login ID and Password. 

Why do I need my ID and Password?

In order to enjoy discounts on your purchases, you need to log in using your email address and password. You can also access your Privileged Shopper online account, which shows your Profile Information, Total Privileged Shoppers that you have referred, your Total Rewards Points, etc. 

How do I introduce other shoppers?

You may send the link to your friends via text messages or email.

www.gewstore.com/(your Privileged Shopper ID).  For instance, if your Privileged Shopper ID is PSMY123456, you can send www.gewstore.com/PSMY123456 to your friends anywhere via text message or email.  

If your friends click the link, access gewstore.com, and eventually make a purchase, you (PSMY123456) will automatically become the Introducer.    

Reward Points

Where and how soon can I check my earned Reward Points? 

They can be viewed at your shopper Account Page after the online purchase is completed.

When can I use my Reward Points?

You can use it as soon as the Reward Points are reflected in your shopper Account Page.

Do my Reward Points expire?

Your Reward Points last for a 12-month period from the date the transaction was made.