Health Culture

To Enjoy Life with Good Health

More than money, this is surely our ultimate life goal when it comes down to it. And yet, how many of us truly understand what this entails and how to go about to attain it?

For instance, are you:

  1. below 30 years old and think: “I am still strong and energetic, and I only get flu or cough every now and then.”
  2. above 30 years old and think: “I feel fatigued a lot and lack the energy to carry out daily routines. My work drains me out.“
  3. a senior citizen with cholesterol problems or high blood pressure or high blood sugar, or all of the above, and assume: “This is common in all senior citizens.”

If you are Group 1, you are taking health for granted.
If you are Group 2, you are starting to face the risk of degenerative diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol.
If you are Group 3, you think it’s too late to have good health.

But the fact is, we can - and should - live healthily at any point in life, from young to middle and old age.

It starts with a basic understanding of our body and, in particular, how it works.

Our body needs many types of nutrients in order to carry out our daily routines, as different organs need different types of functional nutrients.

Once our body obtains the essential nutrients, the cells will become strong. This, in turn, makes our body strong as a whole. A strong body would then be able to fend off viral or bacterial attacks (and thus prevent contagious diseases) and enable our organs to operate at optimum levels (and thus prevent degenerative diseases).

This means that as long as our cells are strong, we will be able to prevent both contagious and degenerative diseases.

So, we need nutrients for our cells. But where do we get them on a daily basis? Is it through our normal daily meals?

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle and diet as well as food industrialisation have made it extremely difficult for us to get the essential nutrients we need through our daily food consumption. In addition, processed food and lots of unsafe substances such as preservatives, colourings and flavourings have been added into our foods and have become the culprit of degenerative diseases. It is unlikely that anyone can get the required nutrients from the usual diet.

Thus, it has become necessary for everyone, from infants to senior citizens, to get the essential nutrients from food supplements. However, not all food supplements are the same. The food supplements that are beneficial to our bodies must be in natural form – not synthetic or artificial.

There are plenty of research and studies that show how consuming too much synthetic supplements such as multivitamins may lead to higher cancer risks. Thus, it is highly recommended that we go for health supplements in natural form, which is suitable for everyone, from infants to senior citizens.