• Noble Garden Gano Koppe 3 in 1


Noble Garden Gano Koppe 3 in 1 (Premix coffee drink with Ganoderma extract) is blended of coffee made from Arabica & Robusta fine coffee beans, combined with quality creamer for smoothness and aroma. Contains water soluble Ganoderma extracts.


  1. Strengthen the immune system
  2. Improve energy level
  3. Increase alertness and decrease fatigue
  4. Increase fat burning in body
  5. Increase brain power and memory performance
  6. Promote youthfulness and vitality


21g (0.74oz) x 20sachets / box


Non-dairy creamer
Instant coffee powder
Instant Ganoderma lucidum extract


A sachet for a cup. Pour in hot water (100ml) and stir well. Ready to serve.

Noble Garden Gano Koppe 3 in 1

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